Managing tanks, aqueducts, and pump stations

ASAM RT is a web-based data management system designed to store and facilitate inspection information on storage tanks, aqueducts and pumping stations.

Asset histories are built with the input of both static data and field inspection information. Digital images, plans and operational documents are stored and easily accessed to provide additional evidence for the data management process.

ASAM RT is coupled with a powerful search engine to retrieve information and generate a variety of specialised reports to suit operators, management and regulators within the water supply industry.

This information will enable the user to demonstrate both industry compliance and effective record keeping, whilst ensuring that long-term operational knowledge is accessible for future generations of management and staffs.

A real time tour of the programme is available by logging in (top tool bar > orange button) and entering the supplied passwords for ‘All State City Council’, a fictional client. This is data cloned from real clients (with the identities changed for security purposes).