Project Management

ASAM RT incorporates a Project Management system that ‘closes the loop’ between field inspections, data capture and the maintenance solutions required.

Project management is required to complete the process which commences when issues are identified out in the field, the results are passed along the management chain and then actions are planned and carried out to a successful outcome… or are they?

There is often a gap in the management process where one department has no idea of what the other is doing. ASAM RT has an integrated Project Management system that is easily created from the initial reports, which delegates responsibilities and tracks all the individual stages of the maintenance process through to completion. At any time, managers can see what is being carried out, the progress throughout various stages and which projects have stalled for a variety of reasons.

A colour coded maintenance calendar shows long term planning projections for both individual and group assets. Progress reports can be generated and edited to reflect a ‘real time’ update on the management of projects.

Completed projects can be archived for review by future generations of management. Did it work out as expected or could the design/upgrade be improved upon? All too often mistakes are repeated due to a lack of knowledge and poor record keeping.

With regulators moving towards a chain of responsibility scenario in the sharing of management outcomes, auditors will look for an evidence trail and if an individual or organization has poor record keeping or has neglected to carry out their nominated responsibilities, then ‘the buck’ will most likely stop with them! ASAM RT Project Management system will provide this evidence and allow for a more thorough and practical review of project expectations and progression.