ASAM RT can generate a variety of reports to suit most areas of management interest. Priorities and Benchmarks are colour coded for easy comparison and the rating details are included on the end of each page. These reports can be viewed within the program, printed or exported into the following electronic formats:

  • 1Crystal Reports (RPT)
  • 2PDF
  • 3MS Word 97 – 2003
  • 4MS Excel 97 – 2003
  • 5MS Excel 97 – 2007 (Data Only)
  • 6Excel Workbook (Data Only)
  • 7Rich Text Format (RTF)
  • 8CSV

Nine sample reports from ‘All State City Council’ can be downloaded and viewed.

  • 9 Analysis Report PDF
  • Listing multiple tanks with dates & intervals for cleaning and inspecting, along with sediment depth, time taken to clean and waste water volumes.

  • 10 Benchmark Comments report PDF
  • One page per tank listing all of the benchmarks and appropriate comments.

  • 11 Critical Maintenance report PDF
  • Displays the 0, 1 & 2 priority ratings and appropriate comments for each tank. Along with the Executive Summary, this report captures the most important features of the Aqualift inspection process.

  • 12 Executive Summary report PDF
  • Summarises the four main areas of interest to management – Security, Water Quality, OH&S and Structural issues.

  • 13 General Details report PDF
  • Listing multiple tank names & ID numbers, locations, shapes, depths, diameters, floor areas etc.

  • 14 Maintenance report PDF
  • Lists all of the priorities and ratings from 0 to 4, along with appropriate comments for each tank – more detailed than the Critical Maintenance report.

  • 15 Safety & Security report PDF
  • Listing multiple tanks in a ‘colour view’ of benchmark priorities and appropriate comments on Security, Contamination, Safety and Confined Spaces.

  • 16 Structural report PDF
  • Listing multiple tanks with the External and Internal Structural and coatings benchmarks, along with Carbonation results.

  • 17 Tank Inspection report PDF
  • A detailed report of each tank which contains static details & safety information, pipework configurations and a listing of all the External/Internal priority ratings and appropriate comments.