everything you need to know about how to generate reports.

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  • General Details Report

    1. Listing multiple tank names & ID numbers, locations, shapes, depths, diameters, floor areas etc.

  • Analysis Report

    2. Listing multiple tanks with dates & intervals for cleaning and inspecting, along with sediment depth, time taken to clean and waste water volumes.

  • Benchmark Comments Report

    3. One page per tank listing all of the benchmarks and appropriate comments.

  • Critical Maintenance Report

    4. Displays the 0, 1 & 2 priority ratings and appropriate comments for each tank. Along with the Executive Summary, this report captures the most important features of the Aqualift inspection process.

  • Maintenance Report

    5. Lists all of the priorities and ratings from 0 to 4, along with appropriate comments for each tank – more detailed than the Critical Maintenance report.

  • Safety & Security Report

    6. Listing multiple tanks in a ‘colour view’ of benchmark priorities and appropriate comments on Security, Contamination, Safety and Confined Spaces.

  • Structural Report

    7. Listing multiple tanks with the External and Internal Structural and coatings benchmarks, along with Carbonation results.

  • Executive Summary

    8. Summarises the four main areas of interest to management - Security, Water quality, OH&S and Structural issues.

  • Tank Inspection Report

    9. A detailed report of each tank which contains static details & safety information, pipework configurations and a listing of all the External/Internal priority ratings and appropriate comments.

  • Project Management System

    10. Progress reports can be generated and edited to reflect a ‘real time’ update on the management of projects.



Australian made
Titan Arms
for platform renovations!

The Titan Arm is designed to provide a safe anchor point over confined space access areas - the frame is permanently mounted and can be folded down when not in use.

Above ground tanks require a means of lowering injured personnel to ‘safe ground’ in a rescue situation - in most cases, the Titan Arm can be positioned to achieve both of these objectives.

  • + marine grade aluminum.
  • + certified to 200kg SWL.
  • + folds flat when not in use.
  • + Australian made.
  • + design by industry veterans.
  • + coming soon.
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Awesome Images