Technical details relating to ASAM RT will be posted and updated here in the form of PDF documents. They are also included in the appropriate Help sections of the program.

Help Documents

  • 1 Welcome to ASAM PDF
  • 2 Benchmarking, Priority and Status Indicators PDF
  • 3 Generating Reports PDF
  • 4 Recording Renovations PDF
  • 5 Searching Your Information PDF
  • 6 The Project Management System PDF
  • Client Templates

    These forms are for clients who carry out their own inspections and who wish to have their data entered into ASAM RT.

  • 7 ASAM Coating Details Template PDF
  • 8 ASAM External Internal Inspection Form PDF
  • 9 ASAM Cathodic Protection Information PDF
  • 10 ASAM Mixer Information PDF